Railway Vehicles

Modernization – the modification of equipment of the track based vehicle by such structural elements that represent a change in the technical parameters of the vehicle forming an integral part of it.


Repairs – Removal of partially worn construction elements of the trackside vehicle or damaged ones in the order to bring it into service.


Maintenance - combination of all technical, technological, administrative and management activities throughout the life cycle of the vehicle in order to maintain a state in which it can perform the function of the required quality.


Mobile service - depending on the urgency and extent of the required repair / maintenance, we select the best service option. One solution is also mobile service.

Mobile service is provides

<>----Universal motor truck (MUV) a its modifications (MUV 69, MUV 90, PUŠL 71, KSF 70 and so on),

  • Motor Carriage and its modifications (MV 80),

  • Trailer for MUV (PU, PUK),

  • Machines for changing sills and their modification (SUP 60,SUP 74, UNO 80),

  • Machines for cleaning rail stones (SČM, SČOV and their modification),

  • Drive track vehicles – locomotives


On these vehicles/machines DMG s.r.o.does repairs, maintenance of frames, chassis, hydraulics, auxiliary equipment, drive unit replacement, fuel system replacement, air system replacement, cabin exchange, wiring, coating, descriptions, installation of registration speedometers and capacitive leveling devices and communication with the transport office etc.